Embedded Electronics Projects

Embedded Electronics Projects

Safe-Cracking Robot at DEFCON 25

Three-person team cracks open safe live at DEFCON 25 using a DIY robot.

Image courtesy of the BBC

The Propagand-Eye — Granted Soldering Workshop

Art grant to create interactive soldering kits for workshop at Apogaea, CO’s regional Burning Man event. Successfully taught soldering to over 120 participants.

Touch Drum — Capacitive Touch Digital Handpan

Capacitive touch musical instrument that mimics handpan/ steel tongue drums.

Dr. Seuss LED Fur Vest

Creating furry garments that are also lit up with LEDs.

GIF courtesy of SparkFun

EL Wire Dreamcatchers

Building EL wire dreamcatcher gifts for friends and family.

LED Antler Staff

Embedding self-flashing LEDs into an antler fixed atop a walking stick.


Seeing sound with a DIY cymatic plate.

Arduija - Arduino-Controlled Oujia Board

Arduino-controlled Ouija Board that spells out spooky messages on its own.

Handheld pH Probe

Follow along as I build a handheld, temperature-compensated pH probe.

IoT Elelctric Blanket

An internet-connected electric blanket.

RFID Garage Door Opener

See how I used an embbeded RFID tag in a bike helmet to open my garage door.