EL Wire Dreamcatchers

Making EL wire dreamcatchers for all my friends and family for Christmas

EL Wire Dreamcatchers

For Christmas this year, I wanted to make something special for all the people close to my life. Having a surplus of EL wire from costuming and other decorations, I decided to make everyone in my family an EL wire dreamcatcher.

I purchased these dreamcatcher kits from Amazon, which provided the rings and some decorations. Other varieties of flat leather cord were purchased to add more colors. EL wire colors were matched with coresponding or complimenting colors.

Variants were made, some with batteries, some with wall plugs. Wooden mounts were made to house the electronics and hang the dreamcatchers.

The results were very pleasing.

For a few special people, I made chasing EL wire versions of the dreamcatchers.