Black Licorice and Bloodstains

Awake at this the ungodly hour
Sipping from my whiskey sour
The air in the room is stale and still
As a ghostly chill slips through the sill
It dances and flutters across the room
Bathing me like cheap perfume
Twirling round my head in full
Giving my cheek a brush, my hair a pull
It calls to me to come and play
It calls to me another day
A day of youth and innocence
A day of bliss and ignorance

As the ghastly figure rises
I slowly lower my defenses
Hiding behind disguises
Engulfing my senses.
In my eyes are tears
A humming in my ears
A flooding of my nose
A tingle in my toes
A chilling of my bones
A warming of my soul
Slowly it begins to fade
Taking with it a piece of me

Together we dissipate
Left there to forever wait
A love forever stamped in time
A verse forever trapped in rhyme
The smell, the touch, the taste, the feel
You can't take away what is not real
You cannot pull away the peel

The end is nigh for neither of us
For we're stuck in the age of ridiculous
We're stuck in the age of the laughing man (comedian)
Laughing just as loud as he can
Laughing in the face of true romance
Laughing at our jilted dance
The laughter echos in my head
Filling me with fear and dread

The specter is now but vapor
No longer holding its rapport
I feel a grasping at my wrist
It falls upon like dewy mist
Calmly lets me know it's friend
Makes my hairs stand on end

Loneliness is a state of mind
But the unknown and mysterious kind
Travel down, deep inside
And it is likely you will find
A rock in front and a wall behind
You're stuck, trapped, unable to escape
A play with no one to pull the drape
A movie with no one to change the reel
A damaged soul too battered to feel

The laughter has now turned to weeping
Through the opposite sill the specters seeping
Gone into the midnight hour
Left alone with my whiskey sour